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Letara was Selected for ”R&D Startup Support Project/NEDO Entrepreneurs Program (NEP) B”

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

July 24th, 2022, Letara was adopted in Year of 2022「R&D Startup Support Project/NEDO Entrepreneurs Program(NEP)B」1st public offering.

What is NEDO

  • NEDO is a national research and development agency that creates innovation by promoting technological development necessary for realization of a sustainable society.

  • NEDO acts as an innovation accelerator to contribute to the resolution of social issues by developing and demonstrating high-risk innovative technologies having practical application.

R&D Startup Support Project/NEDO Entrepreneurs Program(NEP)B

This is a program for entrepreneurial candidates who are corporations that have business concepts to utilize specific seeds technology in order to support activities necessary for launching own R&D startup and accelerating commercialization, such as business plan creation, market research, prototype design and production.

For the adopted business operators, NEDO aims to promote the establishment of R&D startups and accelerate their commercialization in order to provide proof the feasibility of their seeds technology and business plan, funds for market research, and training and personal mentoring for presentation of their business plan, and matching opportunity with VC and VCC.




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