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Online talk event with Tokyo University Statrup, PALE BLUE INC. CEO Jun Asakawa

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Apli. 22nd, 2022, CEO KAMPS Landon and Tokyo University Startup, PALE BLUE INC. CEO Jun Asakawa discussed about "How to make R&D business" in online talk event "Emerging Technology Nite #21" suponsored by MIT Technology Review.

Common Points

This 2 company have many common points and both are developing propulsion systems for small satellites. Pale Blue is developing a propulsion system using water, and Letara is developing a propulsion system using plastic. Mr. Jun Asakawa, CEO of Pale Blue was selected as one of the "Innovators Under 35 Japan" by MIT Technology Review in 2020 and Mr. KAMPS Landon, CEO of Letara was selected in 2021. Furthermore, both companies are university-launched startups, and share the same aspiration to implement university research into society.

Online Talk Event

In the online talk session, they frankly discussed about challenges as university-launched startups, university responsibility to utilize their research results for social implementation, importance of team members, and how to make good partnerships and so on.




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