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Presented at the symposium "Possibility for Now and Future of Hokkaido University Startups"

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

September 16th, 2022, a symposium titled "Possibility for Now and Future of Hokkaido University Startups" was held at Hokkaido University's FMI International Center Multi-Purpose Hall, and CEO Kamps and COO Hirai presented on the stage.

The first presentation of the symposium was given by Mr. Hokin, President of Hokkaido University. And following, Mr. Abe, Executive Director of KPMG AZSA LLC, introduced "Current situation and initiatives of university startups" while interweaving the current situation of startups.

University Startup Pitch


・HILO Co., Ltd.

・Letara Co., Ltd.

・Okuma Diamond Device INC.

・Ales INC.

On meet-up event after the symposium, we had an opportunity to interact with the participating companies and participants. We had valuable time and got a lot of stimulation through interacting with people who are active in various fields.



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