Who we are



Founder and COO
Shota Hirai

Shota is a brilliant inventor and engineering manager. Shota pioneered the discovery and development of the re-ignition technology essential for toppling the dangerous hydrazine propulsion systems currently necessary for space transportation. He has always wanted to use his knowledge and experience to contribute to society, and founded Letara with the desire to create a world where everyone can go to space freely and safely. His own dream is to go to space in a vehicle built completely by Letara.


Founder and CEO
Landon Kamps

In 2012, Landon (1LT Kamps) was leading a platoon of 20 Soldiers and analysts in southern Afghanistan as a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer. Even though the surrounding region(s) had no modern infrastructure, he and his team were able to use the internet and other tools thanks to the use of satellites. He was disappointed by this gap in access to space infrastructure and set out to work towards a world where all countries and people can access space. He believes the safe and fast propulsion developed by Letara is key to realizing this future. 


Founder and CTO
Harunori Nagata

As a professor of  Hokkaido University's Graduate School of Engieering, Harunori Nagata has a rich history of innovation and design within the hybrid propulsion industry, including the invention of the CAMUI-type hybrid rocket, axial-injection end-burning-type hybrid rocket, and low-concentration hydrogen peroxide hybrid rocket. He is currently a member of the Space Exploration Subcommittee at the JAXA Institute of Space and Astronautical Science Steering Committee, the Dean of the f3 Engineering Education Center of Hokkaido University, and the Vice President of UNISEC.

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Business Advisor
Tsutomu Uematsu

Tsutomu Uematsu has been fascinated by space since his childhood. As president of Uematsu Electric Co, he has pioneered multiple space related activities including: small rocket development, experiments on microgravity, Smallsat development; and  partook in cooperative projects with American private space development corporations. At Letara, Tsutomu Uematsu aims to build the space transportation infrastructure necessary to make space a place that serves society back on Earth, and inspires the next generation of thinkers to pursue their dreams no matter how big.