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Beyond the Earth
           Faster and Further

Beyond the Earth, Faster and Further


We envision a future where large numbers of people and goods are transported freely through space to their final destinations from major space transportation hubs, including the lunar orbiting space stations and the lunar surface


Letara was founded by Japan's foremost group of hybrid propulsion experts. We are creating the world's first safe and high thrust propulsion systems by using plastic as rocket fuel.

Our propriety ignition and thrust control technologies make space propulsion systems using plastic as fuel possible for the first time. 


Our first product lineup will be a modular propulsion system for small satellite and spacecraft developers. Our plan is to provide propulsion systems aligned with the needs of a wide range of satellites, from satellites you can hold in the palm of your hand, to satellites large enough for future passenger astronauts to fit inside of.

DARUMA-Micro Photo

Letara was established in 2020 by members of  Hokkaido University's Laboratory of Space Systems to implement hybrid propulsion technologies under development at Hokkaido University. Letara made its public debut by winning the Asia-Oceania prize at S-Booster 2021, and becoming a Hokkaido University Startup in 2022.

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